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water wetter and biocide

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New Member
Jun 16, 2001
I'm currently using distill water and water wetter. Should I add biocide into my water cooling system? And does anyone know where I can get some.
You usualy do not need biocide. The only time I have needed to use it when I used an open resivor (i.e a bucket).
I notice my water color changed. We I first started, the water was little pink(due to water wetter). But now the water is now a little greenish. Also I notice the wall of the tube have a layer of stuff on it, which was not there before. Any ideas of what those stuff might be?

btw. I'm using a copper block with alu. radiator.
Flush your system and run it with a teaspoon or two of bleach in the water until things clear up. Flush again and fill with distilled water, Water Wetter and 10% antifreeze. The antifreeze will cut the efficiency a bit but it will also keep the copper and aluminum from fighting.
I'm thinking of putting together a "bong" water cooling system, and I was wondering just where you can pick up biocide and for how much?

I spent some time in a quality high end aquarium shop today. Their best advice was to use a tiny bit of bleach and a swimming pool testing unit to help maintain the system.