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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
I am ready to buy the best geforce 3 card. Price is not an issue so dont count that. I plan to overclock it to hell so what card would give me the most power. I have a few in mind but i want others opinion.
My Visiontek is great. It's cheap AND great quality. I haven't had problems outta it at all and it also worked at 160FSB before something else gave me probs and I lowered it. Visiontek is a great one to consider.
There was a shootout on Anandtech.com a few months back... for performance, they all stack up (dunno about the PNY though, it wasn't reviewed)... I bought the cheapest I could (Visiontek) and it works good and even overclocks some.
For the GeForce 3 Nvidia made strict guidlines as to how the boards were to be made.. so strict that you could say all the boards are close to exactly the same. I would look for a board that had a good cooling system and a nice package bundle. My vote goes for the morpheous (I dont have this card so Im not endorsing it from personal experience) The thing just looks cool and it has some great cooling.

The big H also did a review of it
i have tried three cards, the visiontec, the hercules prophet III, and the Elsa Gladiac 920 (which I own)... all of them performed nearly exactly the same, so it all comes down to how much you want to spend... i love my Gladiac, but the Hercules was a more stable when overclocked in my tests, and it definitely looks the coolest... the blorb on there and the blue board just looks great... also, it comes with power dvd, which is a great dvd decoder, and some other software... the elsa comes with Giants though, which I just started playing, and I really like it... but they all perform the same... the morpheus above looks quite cool though...
Performance wise they will all be the same, just pick the one that comes with the features you want (software, additional tv ins/outs, 3d glasses) and a price you like.
From what I hear the PNY is the only one you don't want.