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Whats the best hsf for the buck

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Mar 28, 2001
Im looking for a good hsf to purchase off the web. If anyone has any ideas to which one is the best right now and where to buy, please post. Ive seen tons of ratings on all the fans out right now but they are all totally different to which one rated the best. IM running a T-bird 1gig266@1400 10x140 53-56@ idle!!!!!! thats without the casemod fans w/42@idle 1.75volt. A7V133. Please help.
Sorry guys I didnt notice someone had posted basically the same topic lower in the colunm. I may have found a fan has anyone delt with peltec products. Im looking at the Peltec Black Ice Max 55w peltier kit. Heres the link http://www.peltec.f2s.com/ I have only found one rating on it so that worrys me. Please post if you have any more info or any other ideas. Thanks for the input. I forgot to add I am running a silver orb right now (I hate it)
A 55W peltier will roll over and die on a 1G/266 @ 1.75V. The pelt wattage should be at least 2x the cpu wattage for your setup. Checking radiate.exe, your setup is producing appx. 73W. That asks for a 156W peltier at least, not to mention a water cooling rig capable of removing the 300W+ heat. Think about it. Do you want to spend the money twice?

Thanks HOOT I think Im just going to go with the thermoengine. I will just keep with the air cooling. Your right I dont want to spend that much money on cooling right now. The water cooling would be later for me. Once I get a higher overclock w/higher volt.