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Whats the difference with these two PSU

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New Member
Dec 26, 2003
Thermaltake W0014 Silent Purepower 480W with Black housing - Xaser Edition ATX 2-Fan Power Supply


Antec 430W Power Supply, Model "TRUE430" -RETAIL

Just wondering as the price is different. Which would you recommend?


Jun 16, 2003
Neverland Ranch!
The antec true power is just about the most reliable powersupply out there, remember when looking for a powersupply the Wattage is not usually all that important what you need for overclocking or just a solid stable PC is non-fluctuating lines of power, the antec is famous for providing very reliable power, now the thermaltake I have also heard has pretty steady lines but I'd still say go with the Antec.


Inactive Moderator
Jul 12, 2002
It would be quite short-sighted to spend the essentially the same money on a TT as what a TP430 costs. They are not the same supply, so there isn't any wonder that they aren't the same cost. The TP430 is a lot better unit. You might be able to get one from directron at a better price, newegg isn't particularly strong on Antec power supplies.