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where can I buy a 1" mill bit?

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
I don't think home depot has them, and the nearest lowes is quite a trip. Are there any websites that sell them?
EBAY, thats were im gonna get mine, or check out grizzly.com or homier.com or harborfreight.com
btw get a 2 flute centercutting end mill, most 4flute end mills dont cut in the center, thats a problem, and most if not all 2 flute end mills do
4 flute centercutting mills are available as well, and will give you a better surface finish. 2 flute mills can remove more material at once, but will leave a rougher finish.
I think I may be asking for the wrong thing... here is what I wanted to do-

I wanted a bit for my drill press that would drill a flat hole, not concave like a normal drill bit, and I was under the assumption that mill bits are like that. Is an mill bit what I am looking for?

NeoMoses- Thank you for the offer :) , but I really want to do it w/ a 1"
yeah you do want a end mill, they will cost ya a little tho, they make rounded end ones and flat end ones, why do you need a flat bottom?
waterblock I wanted to make, basically like Cathar's (I think thats his name) block, but with a wider channel. I thought it would be simple to make with my drill press. I don't want to spend lots of money, and I thought this would be a nice simple design to do.