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where to put fans

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Mar 14, 2001
Hey, well I'm new here and I've decided to get some fans and mod my case. Right now I've got a crappy 80mm intake fan bottom front of my case and the psu exhausting out the back. Keep in mind that I also have a 2coolpc plus behind the 80mm intake. I am planning on purchasing two fans, either a 120mm and a 92mm or two 120mms. I'm planning on having the 92mm blowing air on the cpu and having the 120mm exhausting out the top. I was wondering if it would be better to switch one of those with the 80mm intake? Or if you have any other ideas/suggestions I'd love to hear 'em. Thanks
See the topic 'Saved 10'C with this case mod ...' in this forum for a suggestion on fan locations.

Hinge out
I run a 120mm in front at the bottom drawing in, and 80mm at the rear blowing out, an 80mm at the top blowing out, and an 80mm on the side ouver the CPU HSF drawing in. I also have an 80mm on the bottom of the case blowing torwards the video card. I have it attached with a little double-stick tape and angled in. This fan is inside the case and not drawing any air in just moving more of the air from the 120mm intake. I added a couple 40mm fans to the bottom of the PSU that blow into the PSU to help cool it. All of these brought my temps down around 10 c case temp and 8c-12c on the CPU temp.
I have a 120mm intake fan in the front of my case drawing in about 69 cfm. I also have my hard drive cooler drawing about 8-10 cfm, so that's about 80 cfm going in.

Then I have a 92mm blowing about 40 cfm out the top of my case and an 80mm fan blowing 30 or so cfm out the back. Finally my PSU is probably drawing around 10-15 cfm or so, to reach a balance of air intake/outake.

It's best to try to balance the air flowing in and out of your case as much as possible. This is because all the air going in has to be pushed back out again. All of my fans are quiet fans, moving a good amount of air for minimal noise. If you want you can use all HO fans, to move some serious air, if you are willing to deal with the noise they generate.

I suggest reading some of the case cooling guides on the main page, that's where I got all of my info.
One thing to be aware of. You want either a balance or lean slightly toward more intake. If you have too much outflow, you will start drawing air in through unlikely places, like through your CD, between drives, etc. With this comes a certain amount of dust, which has a tendency to gum things up. Just another consideration. BTW, I would recommend a 120mm intake low in front, and 92mm exhaust higher on the case. Remember, your PSU is probably also exhausting air.