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Which heatsink should i choose?

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Jan 11, 2001
Ive got two choices....
The Taisol CGK742092?
or the FOP 38?
the fop 38 costs twice as much, but which one has performance?

Thanx =)

--- I only accept the best ---
I have never heard of the Taisol. But I have heard the 38 sounds like a jet engine. I stayed away from it and got the 32 and it seems to do a decent job and is very quiet.

Just my opinion.
Hi Lasse

Youre probably one of the first Swedes I've seen in here... welcome, from a "neighbour" in Denmark!

Which CPU do you have? If its a FC-PGA, I think you have to choose the FOP, but a Duron or T-Bird can use both. I've seen a review saying that the taisol performed VERY well, and wasn't as noisy as the FOP38.
I have a fop 38 on my 1.2ghz t-bird. It keeps it 10C cooler than my pld Alpha 6035 with the sunon fan.
The Alphas rock with a delta fan but are expensive.
The fop 38 is a great HSF for the money.
I just ordered a OCZ twin for my t-bird 800, wanna see how far I could OC it.
Its a 1 ghz tbird, which i hope to get a bit higher... =)
How bout the Taisol 742 with YS Tech 60mm fan, not too loud and pretty damn cool performance :)