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Wide range of Temps.....is this okay???

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Mar 19, 2001
Dallas, TX.
I have a 1.2 GHz AMD T-Bird on the KT7A-Raid and my temps at idle are 27c, but at full load they get as hot as 46-47c....haven't overclocked it yet. Is this okay or should I invest in some new cooling? I am currently using a "blizzard" copper heatsink. www.blizzardheatsinks.com. I'm using a standard fan that works at 5400 rpms. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Often times when there is a lage flux in temps as you have stated it may mean that the HSF is not seated properly. I suggest removing it, making sure theres a paper thin layer of compound and re-attaching her. What compund are you using? You might want to give it a quick lap if you feel its un-even when you take it off. Remember PAPER thin layer.
Thanks for the reply. I am using Artic Silver for the compound. You may be right on the not sitting well factor. I am used to using Intel chips so this is my first go at it. Those for plastic pieces on the chip gift it more of a cushion feel so it is difficult to figure out if it is on right or not.
Better yet, clean off all that factory thermal tape crap and reinstall with some real thermal grease. Just get the cheap stuff from Radio Shack. It will be much better than the tape.
OpenFriday is right, but u should also consider case cooling. With proper ventilation in ur case, ur temps will drop a lot. Have a fan to blow fresh air into the case, and one to suck the hot air out.
Oh well. Guess you were replying at the same time I was. AS huh? In that case, invest in some case cooling like Walter said.
Should I take off those four platic pieces on the chip? Also, I have two case fans blowing in from the front and two blowing out from the back. Also, have a fan blowing out the PS.
Well seems as if youve got decent airflow, just take it off re apply compund (paper thin) perhaps lap it nice re-seat and see if your temps stay within a smaller range.
This may sound dumb, but try it. Turn your back two fans around to blow into the case, and turn off the front fans completely just for the test. If possible, aim one of the intake fans to blow either directly on or across the top of the HSF for the proc.

You have a lot of air pull out of the case, but not a matching amount going into the case. I like to run mine at positive pressure to help keep the dust down. Also try rolling your IDE cables if they are not already. This will aid clear air flow like you wouldn't believe.

A 1.2 T-bird does make alot of heat, but you should still be able to keep it a little bit cooler than this, and without those wide ranges. If you can stand the noise, get a Delta Black Label. Sounds like a jet but it turns 7000 rpm too! Amazing what a difference it can make.