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wireless network w/o access point

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Mar 25, 2002
I'm considering wireless network and short on cash. So I want to connect 2 computers with 2 wireless nic cards directly. I was just wondering what would be the disadvantages for not having the access point. I dont need printer sharing, just internet sharing.
as far as i know, it won't work!!! 'cos think of an AP as a bridge or a intersection. both of ur wireless card is "only" sending info out, and it needs some sort of traffic controler to "re-direct" all the traffic to it's destination. no saying sharing the net.

i could be wrong....
That will work.

Just run the cards in ad-hoc mode, set one machine up with ICS and you are good to go.

Another way to go would be to get a card that uses an intersil prism chipset and get the nifty little utility from the chipset manufacturer that turns a standard card into an AP. Presto, problem solved.

seattle wireless project hardware page
Thanks for replies.

Now I have some options:

1. Get 2 pci cards.

2. Get 1 card and an access point.

3. Get 1 pci card and 1 PCMCIA/PCI combo. (for future laptop use)

So I guess it's between 2 cards or an accesspoint and a card.

I need some help on the decision. And which brand should I buy?