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    NB size on A7N8X dlx

    has anyone actually taken off the HS and looked @ the NB on the A7N8X dlx? I've got some "credit" at ThermalTake, and thought, why the hell not for a NB chipset cooler... but the only one they sell is a Intel chipset one, that look's nice...

    only problem is, the only flat all copper base part of it is 15mm x 15mm... now I am wondering, is the A7N8X's nvidia NB bigger or smaller or about equal to that??? does anyone know for sure??

    i think it would also maybe work like the SLK-800, where the air would blow through the fins onto the chip if it were bigger, but unfortunately its only a 5.1CFM 40mm fan, and that wouldn't do much...

    anything anyone?

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    The size of the whole NB is larger than that... About 40 mm...
    BUT, the metal plate on the chip is smaller... A diam of about 20-25 mm. But the heatsink has to rest against the epoxi that contains the chip. You may crush the NB core if you have a heatsink that only rests on the metal plate... Not to common, but it's a hint for not getting the core crushed.

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    but unfortunately its only a 5.1CFM 40mm fan, and that wouldn't do much...
    Thermaltake also makes the Crystal Orb, and it does fit on A7N8X NB, I did however dremal off a tiny part of the fan cover that sticks out the side about 1/16", it pokes into the capacitor under the HSF preventing use of the mounting holes on the MB.
    From Newegg:
    Thermaltake CRYSTAL ORB for VGA CARD GPU COOLING. Copper Base with Nickel Plating. Can be used for chip sets cooling. Fan Dimension: 50x50x15 mm. Fan Speed: 550010% RPM. Max. Air Flow: 12.4CFM. Bearing Type: Ball Bearing.
    To Be Determined

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