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2 PSU's

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New Member
Mar 20, 2002
Say that i have 2 psu's and a case to put them in.
I'l like them to start together, whitout having to switch the second "on".
I know how to start a PSU that is not connected to a MoBo, but how can i get the 1'st one to send "a start singal" to the 2'nd PSU ??????


Mar 7, 2002
Wilkesboro, NC
If you know how to start one without a Mobo connected, then you should be able to run a jumper from the first PSU to the second one. Some power on wires are green, and I have seen a few that are purple.

Should work
Rick :)


Nov 13, 2001
Ioannina, Greece
I just bought a second psu (both 300W) that I would like to use to power all IDE devices (4 of them) and 9 fans. I'll go for the relay thing because it's really hard to get a ATX cable extension.

The point is this: The technician at the shop where I bought the psu told me that I should connect two grounds (one from each psu) together. I need to do that, he said, in case the chassis ground is not good and because the IDE devices use the +5V line for signalling, so if it comes from another psu and not the same that powers the mobo (hence the IDE controller) they won't work correctly.

Is this true? Has anyone experienced any problems with hard disks or cds or burners connected to a 2nd psu?