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250PSU..what can it do?

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Dec 29, 2001
I got an XP1800 (non oced) and epox 8kha+ , im saving up money for an antec 400watt psu( anyone know the prices at frys?) and im wonderin how many fans/harddrive/cdroms can 250watts hold steady? this is just temporary....right now my +5 is 4.84-.81
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Your measurment of the +5 is usually wrong. Sometimes its right, but usually its not. But with a 250Watt PSU running the stuff you have it may be low. Just run what you need and don't let it keep dropping and you should be alright. Here is some info. so you can say you were informed from my post at least:) :

Okay, different things run at different wattages. These wattage ratings are your STARTUP wattages. Your startup wattages are usually much more than your RUNNING wattages. Sometimes up to 4 times. Just a little clue as to what you MAY be running.

AGP Slot 35 watts
AGP PRO Slot 50 watts
PCI Slot 35 watts

Intel series of CPUs 40 watts
AMD series of CPUS about 50 watts
*Note: AMD CPUs, the Athlon and the Duron, they require a +5V/ 1amp stand by from your PSU to work properly.

Different motherboards require different power requirements. Some chipsets are more, some are less.
Single CPU boards 25 – 40 watts
Dual CPU boards 35 – 50 watts

1 watt per 32mb of ram

CD-ROM 15 watts
CD-R 30 watts
CD-RW 30 watts
DVD-ROM 15 watts
DVD-RAM 30 watts

Floppy drive 2 watts

Usually draw somewhere around the neighborhood of 1.5 to 2 average. Some are more.

Network cards 10 watts average (variable)

Sound cards
SB Live 20 watts
SB Audigy about 30watts

These are STARTUP wattage ratings. Your RUNNING ratings should be about half of this.

Good luck and sorry for the long post. :)
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Watts are a really bad way to figure out how much power you need(No offense antiheiss). Everything pulls power from different voltages.
I think that it all should be listed in X amps @ Y volts. For example my CPU fan draws 1.35 amps @ 12 volts(This is 16 watts)... This does not effect my CPU operation though, because the CPU doesn't use the 12 volt rail.

Of course, I don't have all the amperage specs for everything...
oh its cool...that is just a generalization....it isn't real world and probably doesn't apply to a lot, but it gives you a better idea than you probably had before
hmmm compusa.....is it still going on ..? when is sales over? and Frys u can return stuff ...doesn't compusa have liek a 15% restocking fee
YoungstaxGx said:
hmmm compusa.....is it still going on ..? when is sales over? and Frys u can return stuff ...doesn't compusa have liek a 15% restocking fee

Yes. Friday, I think. Yes. Didn't know about that part 'til yesterday.