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2K or 4K 27"?

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Dec 25, 2004
Last monitor I bought for my 3 monitor setup was a "ASUS MG279Q Black 27" 144 Hz 4ms (GTG) WQHD Widescreen 2560 x 1440 LED IPS Panel, Adaptive-Sync (Free-Sync)". Doesn't look like they are making that version anymore. The other two monitors I have are 1080P, and 22" and 24".

The old monitor I have for my garage system died, so I replaced it with one of the 1080P montitors and now I need to replace it.

The different resolution monitors are slightly annoying when the mouse gets stuck in the center one trying to go to the edge. So I was thinking getting another 27" 2K monitor would be a good choice. But I'm wondering with 3070Ti or maybe 3080Ti cards if I should get a 4K one instead, and just deal with the mouse pointer issue.

Is the better resolution worth it, or not a major consideration?

I currently have two 27" monitors on my desktop, a 1440p 144hz Acer and a 4k LG, and honestly can't say there's a good enough difference in the resolution to be worth it, at least at "standard desk distance" with 27" monitors.

If you're gaming on it, IMO it's better to have the higher, more consistent frame rate than higher resolution.
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That's really up to you if you want to deal with the mouse pointer issue. I stuck with matching monitors.

I'm arm's length away from my monitor and in order for 4K to be beneficial, as far as screen space I can use, it would need to be 32" or so....but that's just me....

I'd say stick with a matching unit....
Sorry, overdue followup. I did get the same resolution. However yesterday, the 3rd monitor of my set (20" 1080p) finally bit the big one and died. Turns on, with weak backlight and then goes black after about 5 seconds. Took the monitor apart, but there weren't any obvious blown caps. Probably one of the CFL bulbs went and the hardware shut it down when the load was unbalanced. Not worth fixing, so I got another of the same model as last time. Acer 27".

Now I've got to get a new monitor stand because while you can mount 3 27" ones on this one, they have no room to pivot.

I did find one that I can go up to 32" montiors with and that will be here Tuesday.