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3dmark2K - error

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Feb 21, 2001
I get an error message in one of the tests... something to do w/ 64M... cant recall.

I've posted messages regarding my crappy score.. 3400-3500.

This is w/ my Radeon LE, flashed, 170/170, Z-on.
I have cel2@850 on win2K.

Since the test always complete, I thought that was normal. However, I just ran the bench again in win98, and I think it worked...my score there is 3800-3900 (w/tweaks).

Am I missing something?

It may have something to do with flashing it to something different, try flashing it back, and see what happens.
The LE has 32mb of onboard memory. It won't run the 64mb texture tests....unless you increase you AGP aperture settings to 128mb. I wouldn't raise that setting though.... it will have little/no bearing on video performance.
The aperture setting tells the system how much of it's RAM to allocate to the video card....but this is the last bit of RAM actually used. First is virtual RAM than the RAM on the card then, if needed, the RAM in your system(aperture).

The old rule of thumb "setting the AGP aperture to half system RAM" is false considering todays video cards with 32-64 mbs of onboard RAM. While the card needs a certain amount of RAM for addressing...16mbs...more than 64 mbs aperture is a waste.
Thanks, but I had the same problem before flashing. I just assumed that since I only had 32megs, that was why.

But when I ran the same bench on my win98 partition, it did not fail....I didn't change any bios settings at all. Aside from the diferent drivers, it is the same HW across the board. 1 is win98 and the other is win2k...

Any other ideas on why it fails that one bench?