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55w pelt for a duron 800? PSU questions too!

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May 15, 2001
will a 55w pelt cool a duron 800 to temps of UNDER 30c under full load? (or very close) Looking for around 10c or so at idle...coolder is not a problem.

Also......could someone with REAL KNOWLEDGE of PSU's explain to me what all this means? Here is what the stickers say on the side of my PSU...:

Oh screw it, I need I new PSU....so If I get a 400w PSU, would that be enough to power the pelt (55w) and the rest of my system? Please keep in mind I am not a Fan junkie...... I am planning on getting at least one fan in the rear of my case, because there is a slot for one. Last question.....Like I said, there is a place for a fan in the rear of my case, but how can I tell what size fan will "fit" all the screw holes, etcc..etc... Yes it is an ATX case. Thanks.....HELP ME


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Dec 19, 2000
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A 55 watt pelt won't be even close to cooling any duron below 30c. A 55 watt pelt would probably be worse than just aircooling. You need something like a 156-172 watt peltier and water cooling to get 30c or under. If you are using a peltier it is recommended that you use an external psu or wire up a second one in your case.