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5700xt driver issue?

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New Member
Jan 9, 2020
So I've been having problems with the drivers for my new graphics card. Whenever i install them, the audio gets messed up, like the audio from the motherboard, through the 3.5mm audio jack. It makes a lot of pops and crackles when playing audio. As soon as their uninstalled, it works perfectly fine. I've tried the latest, recommended, and 1 older version of the drivers and all did the same thing. And performance seems off as well. I tried playing minecraft (Its the only game i have installed at the moment) and i was getting around 130fps at 20 chunk fancy settings. But it was constantly stuttering. At 32 chunk, it slowed down to 20fps. This seems terrible for a 5700xt. I did get all the latest chipset, and audio drivers from ARMOURY CRATE. Latest bios i got from asus's website. After playing minecraft, the driver refuses to open. Is there something going on with the driver, or could i have a bad 5700xt?
mobo: Asus prime x570-p
cpu: Amd ryzen 3600x
ram: Gskill trident z neo 32gb, xmp: 3600 cl16-19-19-39
psu: thermaltake smart 700w.
gpu: Powercolor red devil Amd radeon rx 5700xt.


Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Yes there have been issues with the AMD Rx 5700/5700 XT drivers since day one. It seems AMD's lousy drivers mess up every new GPU launch.


Jul 8, 2013
They released a new driver yesterday 20.1.1 with a huge changelog
I'm having similar issues
On 3 month old drivers right now (cant use the vive because of the constant flickering while on these drivers)
The first release of the 2020 fixes the flicker issue on the vive but tons of games crash
The 2nd release fails to install with error 1604
Havnt tried the 3rd release yet

One of the popular techtubers actually asked amd @ ces when the drivers will be fixed


New Member
Jan 9, 2020
So, my current driver is 20.1.1, and i'm still having major sound issues. I tried connecting it to my tv, to see if the sound through hdmi works, and it doesn't. It sounds gargled, and completely messed up. I tried playing minecraft again, and i noticed it freezes every time sound messes up. which is a lot. I also downloaded apex, and it actually works 50% of the time. I also tried watching youtube, Which did not work at all.