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A new MB can be good for the temps!

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Apr 23, 2001
Actually, no, but this is a good demonstration of bad temperature readings.

I have/had an MSI K7T Turbo (KT133A) with a 1.2 TB and a Swifty MC462A. After many joyous/frustrating nights spent tinkering, with the setup, adding powerful fans, replacing those fans with quieter fans, etc, I finally had a cool, and more importantly quiet computer.

Along the way, I placed a thermistor (a very small custom thermistor used where I work) next to the core, and verified that the socket thermistor was actually fairly good - it stayed within 1C of the top side thermistor from 35C all the way to 65C during testing (the socket thermistor on the K7T Turbo is on a flex cable, and makes good contact with the CPU). So I have a fairly good comfort level with my temp readings, which I managed to get down to 39C idle and 44C load (Prime95 for 3 hours). Note this is at stock speed and slightly reduced Vcore (not my sig speeds :)).

Last night, I received and installed a new Epox 8K3A+, and installed it with everything else the same except using an AX-7 (same fan) instead of the Swifty (traces too near the MB holes for my taste with the Swifty metal lugs). Previously, I measured the AX-7 as performing a couple degrees warmer than the Swifty. I was curious that the 8K3A+ uses a socket thermistor that sits in the socket, and does not seem to make contact with the CPU, and what that would do to temp readings.

I was somewhat amused to see my readings sit at 34C 'idle' (not really idle, was installing and rebooting a lot) with stock speed and voltage. I was even more surprised when I was still at only 37C at 1430MHz and +0.05 on the voltage.

I think now, for the first time ever, I understand the claims of '32C idle, 35C load, TB@1450 1.85V' that I see around the boards.

I know none of this is new to most - bad socket readings are a thing of much discussion here. But I wanted to post this just to emphasize two points:
1) Not all socket thermistor readings are bad - the K7T Turbo as a case in point.
2) Not all socket thermistor readings are good - the 8K3A+ as a case in point.

If you made it this far, thanks for listening :)

P.S. Even though I know they are not even remotely accurate, I feel better overclocking with the new temps.
Thanks for posting your results.

I know Asus is really bad about thier mobo temps too.
(the need to -10 Degrees for a true reading)-err a closer 1. ;)

That is exactly why I bought a DigiDoc to monitor the temps. I don't think I've ever looked at what the temp reading in the bios is. I just stuck temp sensors in every nook and cranny I could think of and feel better knowing that my temp readings are as accurate as can get without sticking a sensor inside the core.

Anyone know how to drill a core for a temp sensor :D
1. AsusProbe, the program that comes with your Asus MB is indeed worthless; however, the BIOS reading seems to be more accurate. While I'm not entirely sureit would seem to be only a couple degrees high, in general showing results about 10C lower than AsusProbe. Must say I'm much happier knowing this, as I was not happy with 50C, or even 45C after switching to water, generally show 35-40 in BIOS.

2. You don't actually drill the core. The drill bit that would be able to get in the core would be so small it'd be difficult to start with. If you could pull it off you'd need a thermistor small enough to fit that hole. Generally when people talk about drilling to the core they are referring to their HS or WB. Drill a hole so your thermistor is directly over the core and with ~1-2mm of metal below it.
I was just joking about drilling the core :) You can damage the core if you try to lap them, imagine what would happen if you drilled it.

AMD's site has some technical drawings for drilling the block for a temp sensor that show the same thing as you mention.
u can bend the thermistor up so it touches the back of the cpu and dab a glob of thermal paste on there, i get almost perfect temps from the 8kha+ this way