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Abit MOBO ?

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New Member
Mar 22, 2001
In the process of building my 2nd computer.This one I dont want to screw up. But is there a way to tell or make sure everything is setup perfect example switches, configurations & etc????

Friend did his but it ran okay sometimes glitchy sometimes it would continue to reboot over and over then work fine. This is why I asked if there is away to make sure everything is properly setup then ofcourse let the Overclocking begin******** :)
well I don't know about everything but I would certainly check your irq assignments and make sure that no more than 2 devices are installed on each irq address (and out of the 2 devices only 1 should be a major device like video, sound, or network card). If you have too many devices on an irq your computer will be crash prone :( These new pc's with all these new devices have a bad habit of stacking stuf onto the same irq. Mine installed 5 devices on the same irq (2 motherboard devices, vid card, sound card, and network card!). With this config. I would be lucky if the computer would run more that 20 minutes or so under load before it would crash. Now I can run it for days without a crash :)
my abit KT7A-RAID was flakie sometimes till i put a 600 watt power supply on it (300x2) and all my lock ups...sparatic reboots.ECT. all STOPED

so i beleave these things need alot more than 300 watts to run good on

entermax makes some nice 330- 530 watt powersuplys or do like me and slice 2 300 watters together

this also run cooler ........... do i need to explaine this one or can you save me from typing it all..heehee

hope this helps