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Advice on a do it myself window.

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Oct 21, 2003
Bloomington IL
I got Lucite high impact acrylic 3/32" for the window and I am thinking Ill use a jigsaw to cut the hole in the case. I got metal scroll blades (scroll = 1/2 the normal width, 18teeth/inch).

Im thinking Ill use some adhesive on the inside of the case to hold the window in which will mean I just have to cut a square out of acrylic. and rough edges wont matter.

Is there a walkthrough for this somewhere? I didnt find it so if you see it, please link it.

What do I cut the acrylic with?

What adhesive?


Insatiably Malcontent, Senior Member
Jul 24, 2002
Seattle, WA
I cut my acrylic with my Dremel's cutting bit. Cutoff wheels suck for cutting acrylic...

A hacksaw might work too. Just keep in mind that power tools when run too fast tend to melt the acrylic more than cut it. And it makes a nasty burning smell...ick.


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY

in the Alternate Modding section.
As long as you are cutting straight lines, you can pick up an acrylic cutter for a couple of bucks at a home center. Makes cutting neat and easy. Just score and snap. As to adhesive I usually use a silicone adhesive. Works great and can be removed easuly with a razor blade id necessary.