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Ahhh I screwed up my cooling. :(

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May 17, 2003
So I spent most of this weekend tearing my new PC down, adding new parts, fans or cables, then rebuilding, then tearing down again to reroute or reorganize something or other, then rinse and repeat.

So now my CPU bounces to like 94°C on Prime 95, which is definitely something new. I thought it was because I remounted my radiator to be a side exhaust and that with airflow running top speed from bottom to top, it was reducing the static pressure of my EK Vardar fans on the radiator. But I just finished rebuilding everything with the radiator back on top and it didn't make a difference.

So here is my setup, now with all ARGB and new sleeved black & white cables -


And in red:


And with a flash to show the cabling better -


So after rebuilding the 'proper' way, with the radiator on the top, I am still getting 94°C temps on P95.

The only thing I can think of is poor contact with my CPU from the waterblock. Before it wasn't a problem, you can see here my temps after about 1h running P96 Small FFTs concurrently with Furmark AND MSI Kombustor -temps were not bad at ALL:


And that was with just 3 case fans, a 120mm exhaust, and a 120mm and 140mm intake (plus the 3 exhaust from the AIO through the rad).

New setup is now 6 120 intake and 4 120 exhaust.

So when I was rearranging things, I had to take off my waterblock to rotate the hoses as one wouldn't point downward - I'm assuming now I have poor contact. I didn't replace the thermal paste, it's just the factory EK stuff the AIO came with. I supposed I can use some old AS5 I have, or I can order some Hydronaut or Kryonaut. I think I'll go that route, my AS5 is at least 10 years old, although when I checked it a couple weeks ago it still seemed plenty viscous.

Any of you guys have a recommendation on Hydronaut or Kryonaut?
Are you sure the pump is running?

Other than that poor contact is all I can imagine at that point as that cooler.is more than enough.

The noctua paste and the kryonaut are supposed to be two of the best if you are looking to remount and re-paste anyway

I would remount the Cooler. As long as the AS5 is still a paste and not solid, it will work fine. Remember there is a cure time for AS5 so don't expect awesome results immediately.
Yup, I think I definitely need to remount. The pump is running, I can see changes in flow when I change it in Fax Expert 4. I am 99% sure it is the remount I did, as it was much better prior to removing it.

I think I'll order some Grizzly stuff, I've been wanting to try it anyways.

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I will say I am a little irritated with my GPU card sag, though. It's not terrible, but just a little bit off and makes me sad.
I'm not sure if that Cooler Master bracket will work, since I'm using a vertical mount that occupies the rear panel slots. I like that one, especially the RGB, but I don't think it will work.

It's strictly aesthetics at this point - if it is horizontally mounted, the sag puts strain on the PCIe slot, but in this case, it is only on the vertical mount bracket itself. I can try to come up with something maybe to support the end of the bracket.