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Air-duct cooling help

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Nov 8, 2001
Im wondering if you guys have any sites that might be useful to me
I just ordered 2 maxtor ata133s
and I feel that they will need to be cooled
I don't wana go out and spend $20 or more on buying cooling stuff for it though
so i was looking at air duct cooling
or something to help cool these things off
cause i figure they will be fairly warm to the touch
i think storagereview.com said they were warm, so well u guys know

Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
I am not entirely in the know but an air duct (I assume) works better for cpu cooling..this is what I have. For your hardrive(s) you are going to want some air flow in the case..nice intake and exhust..I kinda think that a duct for your hard drive will unnecesary..and take up space that could be needed for air flow. I have 2 hard drive coolers that I used to use...add a good exahaust and that should suck away the warm air. My opinion is that the cpu matters most...as long as the heat from the hard drives are not heating up your case than you are okay...the duct that I use on my cpu brings in air from outside the case w/ help from an extra 80mm fan, So none of the warm air in the case affects the cpu...I have 2 exhausts to suck out warm air and keep the mobo cool.
Does Any one want to add to this or correct us?


Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
i made a cheep little hdd mod for mine.
cut out a hole in the bottom of the rack and mouted an 80mm fan there is cost like nothing and is better then nothing.

the 80mm fan was just sitting on a shelf doing nothing so it all worked out fo me.


Jun 15, 2001
i was gonna say cut a hole in the front of your case right by the HDDs to blow fresh air over them. I wouldnt worry too much about cooling them, though. As long as you have good case cooling, you'll be ok.


Jan 9, 2002
bay area
I understand not wanting to spend alot of money on HD cooling since you probably spent alot of money on the drives already. The best Idea would probably be cutting the rack. The problem then would be it only cools 1 right?
You probably also dont want it to disturb your current airflow too. so maybe a front blow hole wouldnt be so bad.

What kind of case do you have. If you post a pick showing your internal and the position of the HDs Im sure people could probably have some creative solutions for your problem.


Nov 8, 2001
Thanks for all the input guys
I don't have a digital camera...
Ill try to find a cheap one though
I got my case from electroseller.com
Its the one with the racing stripe going up it.
6 5 1/2 bays
I have 2 80's blowing out of the top 1 80 in the back
2 92mm fans in the side (they are over the video and cpu)
I don't have an 80 in the front like the say
it wasn't getting enough air and i didn't see any reason to make the blowholes bigger since i already had all that
I have a dual fan psu a 92mm fans is taking air out directly above the cpu
and there is a 80mm on the psu blowing air out
I think I will try that 80mm mounting since i have about 3 80's just laying around


Mar 19, 2002
Chicago, Il
My idea was to cut a blowhole in the front of my HDD rack. I have 2 ATA100 drives, and wanted to kewl them too. Wish I had a digicam, it worked pretty well. One problem I noticed was the added fan disrupted my airflow pretty badly (added 2 degrees to ambiant) but DECREASED the temp for my cpu.

Next step is a cpu duct.