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Alpha PAL with Delta fan?

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New Member
Dec 23, 2000
Yo.. i am wondering.. when i see tests between the alpha pal and the FOP38.. i never see a alpha with the delta fan on it in the tests.. i would like to know how it compairs to them.. i know it would prob be lower then FOP38.. but what will the C/W be? im thinking of adding a pelteir to my t-bird.. and wondering if i should go with a delta or 80/92 mm fan mod or just water cooling.. anyone know?
On my PEP66 Alpha replacing the Sunon fans with the Deltas reduced the maximum temperature under load by 5 degrees. They are noisy though, and I have 2 on my dual PIII box so it makes a lot of racket!
The higher flow really helps the alpha pal... I saw an aticle comparing the delta 38cfm with the papst33 cfm and the performance difference was only 2,5%, one delta would still be noisier than two papst together... I´d go for the papst. if aircooling, and with artic silver... This setup could hold a 72w maximum peltier... anything higher would be better an coppered heatsink or watercooling the peltiers...