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May 6, 2008
PROC: 2200G

I have been running this PC since 2/14/2020 and all has been well. It has been hooked up to a 4k TCL tv to use mostly as a photos slide / screen saver thing. I also use it as a classic HTPC to watch netflix/hulu/brows web/play music. Normal HTPC stuff. It has worked great for almost 2 years. I decided to update windows and boy was that a mistake.

I restarted after updates and it loaded flash screen, then loading windows loading circle for a second, then blank screen. TV was getting a signal. If the TV was not getting a signal it would say "make sure device is connected". I restarted a several times. Checked bios. Sometimes I would hit the restart button while it was a blank screen it would restart and pop up "windows was not booted up correct" I guess I hit the restart button while it was in the middle of loading windows. At first I was very confused since computer was obviously putting out a signal but for some reason when windows started to load it stopped. I have a 5450 GPU laying around and popped it in, restarted and it booted up fine (only can display 1080p). I finished running a few more updates via windows and updated drivers for AMD. Shut down computer, pulled GPU out and booted with integrated graphics processor only. Again same thing.

My HTPC will only show windows login screen/desktop with a graphics card but not IGP. I know the IGP works fine as it displays bios and splash screen.

It has something to do with updated windows.

I even did a complete reformat. All is well until windows update and restart.

Maybe something else is going on I am unaware of. Please help me.
Only thing I can suggest is when updating Windows, try installing each update individually - might shed some light on what's going on. Could be it's trying to install a conflicting driver.
It has something to do with updated windows.

I even did a complete reformat. All is well until windows update and restart.
So...if you DL a fresh version of windows using the Media Creation Tool and install it... it works until it updates that and reboots?

Like was said above, maybe roll back one of the kb's that installed one by one and see if that helps? Otherwise, try to install the iGPU drivers while you're running on the working dGPU.
So I did boot computer with dGPU, then load amd drivers. I used the AMD catlys auto drivers. It seemed to cover the 5450 and iGPU drivers. I will look around for a dedicated iGPU driver I guess.

Someone recommended chipset drivers. seems like a good idea. Excited to try it.
Obviously, a bad driver for the iGPU is causing this. Did you try rolling it back to the previous driver while you had the dGPU in and before you reformatted? Also, in Windows Updates look under Optional Updates. Typically you will find some older drivers you can install there.
I updated chipset driver and was able to boot into windows, but after seeing the desktop for anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 min it would just turn black. I thought it might be defaulting to a lower resolution so I tried hooking up some monitors to both HDMI and DVI, no luck.

I went back to iGPU and used the 1-2min window to look at device manager and I could see poor/bad/old drivers shown, windows button to look for updated drivers shaded out. (updated) Windows was having issues figuring out what iGPU I have.

I booted up with dGPU again and tried to force load vega8 drivers from AMD, but it would say something like "can't install these drivers, no supported device detected" This makes sense since the mobo turns off the vega8 when a dGPU is used.

I tried to force load iGPU drivers while on dGPU, no luck.

I moved the "vega8 install .exe" to desktop, restarted again and as soon as windows opened I clicked up load vega8 drivers .exe. I was hoping my 2min window would be enough. Ended up taking longer than 2min to install but it did install and all seems well now. Next time I do a windows update I will make sure to download and install gfx driver update first.

Thanks for the help guys/gals.
in an elevated command prompt type this>>>>> DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

let it complete.

in the same command prompt window type this>>>>>
sfc /scannow

let it complete and reboot, report cack please.
Do what caddi daddi said. You may have corrupted OS files and this should correct it.
Might be a good idea to install a VNC program. *Might* allow you to remote in and fix an issue in the future.