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AMD recomended Mobo list - Abit KT7A

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Apr 17, 2001
Springfield, IL
A while ago I saw a blurb about a post that said why AMD removed Abit's KT7 and KT7A boards from the recommended list. I just looked again and saw the KT7 was back on the list but the KT7A was not there. I never saw the actual post and wondered if anyone did or knew why these motherboards were removed from the list.
No idea why the Abit KT7A-Raid Mobo was removed from the list and cant see why as mine is awesome and no trouble at all.. a great board

Duron 800 @ 1035 with Global Win FOP-32
Abit KT7A-Raid Mobo
512 mb (133 mhz Crucial Stuff)
Elsa Gforce with Blue Orb (modified to display as a Quadro and overclocked http://www.tweakhardware.com/guide/quadro/ )
Sound Blaster Live
Full Tower With 5 Fans (120 mm) with seperate PSU
Hard Drive Cooler (Heatsink and Fans )
Maybe it has something to do with the overclocking potential of the board. Not that they are trying to stop overclocking, but maybe just limit it a little bit.
I had thought of that, limiting overclockers, but it does not make sense. One AMD knows that the home user and overclocker is their major market, not the big corporations. Though they can not publicly encourage us, because of liability, it would be stupid to discourage us or the mobo manufacturer from proving what chip is superior. Two, the Asus A7V133 is still on the list. That is a very similar ability motherboard and it was my runner up when I was buying. I did buy the KT7A-RAID and I know it was on the list when I bought it, but now it is not. I know someone had a post, possibly amdzone.com, that said why it was removed. Did any one see that post?
I read that the KT7 was removed because the first batch wasn't stable. The list was made before the KT7A came out and was very old. They updated that list like once every 2 months.

I checked the list before I bought my KT7A-Raid back in Feburary. The KT7A wasn't on the list because the list was updated right after x-mas.
Ok, stability issues make some sense, but why are they not back on the list? When I looked in early April all Abit boards were gone. Now the KT7 is back but not the KT7A. There are some recent boards on the list now, like the Epox, and the Soyo and one of the MSIs have the same Via KT133A chipset. I have not heard of any major problems with the current KT7A products, just a few DOAs.
if u got 1 of the early boards u would see the stability issues post at speeds it shouldnt and wont when it should.the only stable overclock i can get is 750@865,it post at much higher but corrupts data.at 133/33 adding 1 to the overclock will not even post but will post and run(for awhile at 140/? x 7).the early 133a shows no improvement in scores over the 133|(at least on my board)guess i should have waited.i must admit that its not a bad overclock considering at 865 it runs at default voltage and rock stable but i really expected more.
From what I can tell personally (my own observations), friends and acquaintances who have the KT7 variants have quite a bit les trouble than people with boards from companies like MSI and Asus in particular. AMD's list is BS. that's the conclusion I have come to. If you look on the list, you'll find that AMD doesn't "recommend" a lot of things that overclockers use (prime example: alpha HSF's). Take their recommendations with a grain of salt - I would say do your research at several other places and get second opinions on equipment. Don't go just by what AMD "recommends".

Abit makes an awesome MOBO, I built a system for a friend, and she has absolutely no problems with it, and she quite Computer "savvy", I my myself prefer asus because that is all I have ever used and have no problems with Asus, so why change when I have a good thing going?
I also got this mobo with my 1.33 Athlon. I was wondering if anybody has a guide to all the settings available in the BIOS. Its pretty overwhelming. I got my 1.33 to 1.5 but its not stable and i'm sure i just have to tweak the bios a bit more.

Any advice appreciated
The setting are pretty straight forward in the manual that came with the board, also available on the web page. What cooling are you using? You should be able to do better than 1.5 (I hope!) Mine is not over clocked yet, I am waiting on some things and testing right now.

Hey! Get your own thread this one's MINE!!!!!!!!

...kidding, the forum is open to all discussions.
It appears I was the only one who even saw the post about the post.