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Another BT connection query...

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May 17, 2005
High Desert, Calif.
An older LG 47" TV(non-smart) is set up for viewing content while using the treadmill or elliptical. Iam streaming by using a laptop, connecting to a 1st gen Chromecast device plugged into the TV. Rather than listening over the TV speakers, I'm currently using a Digital Optical to Analog Audio Converter, as the only "audio out" this TV has is a Digital Optical port. A simple corded headset is plugged in and works fine, However:
I would prefer to use my AfterShokz BlueTooth headset, of course to do away with a cable.

I think a solution would be to buy and plug into the converter a BluetoothTransmitter/Receiver , but a couple questions arise: What about pairing, can that happen without user acknowledgement? Can the BT transmission just be picked up by a Bluetooth headset? Any alternatives?
I actually have written an article on this. I'll find it and post the link.

I did not have any issue pairing a headset to the unit that I bought. No code or nothin'. Instructions with m y unit worked great as I imagine they would with any unit you buy. The article listed here will answer other questions.
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@don256us , super great article, touched on my concerns and then some. My main concern was for the headset to be able to connect to the BT transmitter without any manual confirmation, but I suppose it would be the same as connecting a BT speaker. I'm looking at an Avantree TC417, appears to have lots of interface options. I could clean up my install and connect the Digi-optical cable directly, and take the existing converter out.
Cool. I have a unit with anttenna. I velcroed it to the back of my TV with the anntena sticking up. That's all you see. I use the USB from the TV to power it and the optical cable is all tied up in back against the wall. Out of sight and out of mind.