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Any web browser that's tolerable for daily use?

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Nov 7, 2010
The only web browser that I've been able to tolerate over the past few years is Pale Moon, since all the other main browsers have one major flaw that I'll describe below. I'm looking to change from Pale Moon because Adblock + no longer seems to work with it.

Basically, the thing that I can't stand about Chrome, Opera, or Edge is this: Say I'm reading an article, and I wish to highlight a particular word, or phrase. I'll highlight the word/phrase, right click it, and then select "Search Google for "<word>""

The problem is that all these browsers except for Pale Moon automatically shifts to the new tab. I feel like throwing the computer out the window every time this happens! I want the browser to still open the new tab with the Google search, but I don't want the browser to automatically shift to that tab! Any way of disabling this?
Most if not all browsers have the option to "open link in new tab" or "open link in same tab" or "change automatically to the new tab" (will be worded similar), its usually in general options ?
Most if not all browsers have the option to "open link in new tab" or "open link in same tab" or "change automatically to the new tab" (will be worded similar), its usually in general options ?
And in addition to this setting there is also an option to keep focus on the current tab (in firefox for certain, I haven't looked forward the setting in any other browser yet)
Change the option in the settings??? Mine does that automatically (highlight a word, right click and search it opens a new tan)...
Pale Moon's default is to open search results in a background tab, so you can keep reading the current page.

about:config > browser.search.context.loadInBackground > true is background, false is switch to immediately. I think it's the same in FF. A similar switch might not be available in others but I don't use them so I don't know for sure, I'd guess that Opera would have that option somewhere.

I'd opt to change ad blocker first, uBlockO is lightweight and unobtrusive, alt., Tobin's AdBlock Latitude.

Try the Firefox ESR version, it's the best FF version for stability, while it lasts in a usable format, about 15 months support left before they catch up with the current 52.0.1 in blocking traditional add-ons, etc.. The 32-bit is lighter weight, fine for 3-4 hour sessions, x64 uses more resources but should be fine with heavier burdens, multi-day sessions, etc. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/faq/
Firefox, absolutely.
It can be customized to do what you want it to do, more so than any other browser.

So just post what you want, and it can probably be done under Firefox.
Used to be a fan of palemoon but realized between tor browser, and 2 other versions of ff (all portable one ff with security addons and one without) that I was basically just running ff with mods. Got tired of editing palemoon portable to adhere to my homepage, https://duckduckgo.com/lite, plus it never would update itself, so it was fired. Aside from FF, I also use k-meleon portable. IE11 refuses to connect on both my pc's though both update fine whether on static ip or not. I also run icecat on occassion, another ff mod.