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Anybody overclocked on a AOPEN AK73-1394 mobo yet?

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New Member
Mar 6, 2001
I need to decide between Asus A7V133, AOPEN AK73-1394 or the ABIT KT7A raid.

Both the A7V and the KT7 have many posts in the forum of succesfull overclocking, but nobody talks about the AK73. The reason I'm curious is that on the A7V, the jumperless mode (BIOS FSB settings) does not work for FSB changing. Only setting FSB by jumpers works.

The AOPEN AK73 has only one jumper for setting FSB - it chooses freq range below 120MHz or above it. The rest of the FSB settings are in the BIOS - Does it work properly?

Another question: Does anybody actually use the 1394 port on the AK73 mobo for video? Using what software?

Current system: A7V-100, duron 750->1016Mhz (107*9.5), FOP38 cooler.
I have the non-1394 version. I am currently overclocking a thunderbird OEM 800 to 933 (133x7 versus the default of 8x100).

The FSB is adjustable via the BIOS. However the multipler is done through a row of dip switches. A PAIN IN THE *** if you plan to play around... even more a pain if you want to test several CPUs.

The real kicker? There is a batch of caps sitting right next to the the socket. Making many heatsink/fan removals a royal pain if you test/play with different CPUs.

Bonus? This board is NOT IMMUNE to that multiplier problem people have been encountering. I've seen it happen on several CPUs I've tested.

I would avoid this mobo unless you really want onboard firewire. Stablity seems fine for now under W2K using stock BIOS settings. But if you check Anandtech's site, the new AK73(A) was slammed of which this board was the basis.

Your mileage may vary...