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Anyone up for something new and cool?

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Feb 26, 2002
Rome, NY
I posted in the Project X thread about possibly using liquid Co2 as a cooling agent. Now, I'm not too smart when it comes to scientific stuff, so I'm not sure if it's at all possible, but it was just an idea I had. here is a site that explains some things about liquid Co2. It pertains to paintball guns and Co2 usage in them, but there's some good info there.

I just thought I'd throw this idea out there and see if anyone was crazy enough to try it out. I don't have the money for a water cooling system or parts or I would try it myself. Let me know what you all think.

EDIT: The boiling point of CO2 is in the -200 degrees below zero range. I'm assuming that's F not C. But WOW!
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Nov 16, 2001
CO2 has refrigerant properties as does ammonia, propane, the many freon variants, and even plain old air. You still need a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and all the other miscellaneous devices necessary to make a practical thermodynamic cycle. I do not believe its refrigerant properties make it a more desireable refrigereant than the freon variants that are currently available. Yes, it will work, but there are better refrigerants available.

The problem with just using liquid CO2 is two fold. Any vessel will only hold a finite amount so when it empties your cooling process ceases. You also have to do something with the gas that boils away from the liquid. CO2 is not toxic, per se, but it sure can do a very efficient job of suffocating air breathing animals. It is heavier than air so it will just settle to the floor and suffocate dogs, cats or kneeling humans.