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Anyone use Azza boards?

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Mar 6, 2002
so. cal.
I have an Azza KT3-AV that I want to oc a duron 800 with.
can this be done?
This will be my first oc attempt.
The manual for the board mentions overclocking, but it looks like it's for one of the other boards the manual supports. :(

Any help would be great, thanks.
I got, i am guessing either a KT133 or KT133A. Although my manual has KT3-AD, KT3-AS, KT3-AV, and KT3-EV on the top, then in smaller print below it smaller type VIA KT122/133A ATX Socket A. So this NOob is a bit confused. I am trying to figure out what all chips I can plug into this sucker. I got a AMD T-Bird 1Ghz in it atm. Any got any tips how I can tell what exact model I got? LOL I tried to open my case today and chickened out when I noticed a side fan was screwed to the part of the case that slides off, thus I had no idea how I was going to get the fan back in place to screw it back on once I opened case. (that make any sense?) So how can I check what board I got without opening the case? =P

My manual says it supports Athlon and Duron Socket A processors, sooooo can I put an Athlon XP in it?

i found an updated bios for it that supports athlon xp, but since then have not been able to find it.
the only bios i can find for it now is older than the one it shipped with, good thing i backed up the old one

also... if you're not comfortable opening your case perhaps your not ready fo overclocking.

hell, i'm an A+ certified repair technician and am pretty unsure about this whole overclocking bit :)

my guess is you have a kt3-av, it's the most common board they make for socket a
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Where should I keep an eye for new BIOS? I wanna be sure not to be DL'ing some gimped version thats gonna screw my computer. Like a trusted website with updated bios? AZZA's website is **** for any kinda support. I wont be buying another AZZA board.

How can I determine for sure what model I have, the manual with it is 4 different models, and I cant find my invoice from where I bought the computer.
do the unthinkable, open up your computer, there should be a white sticker on the board that says what it is, or get sisoft sandra it will tell you