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Anyone with Delta 38cfm on a PEP66, how loud are they?

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Dec 19, 2000
I've heard the noise level of the Delta is dependent upon the heatsink it is attached to. I'm using a YS Tech 26.2cfm now but want more cooling. Unless I can find a Papst 33cfm somewhere (unlikely) the Delta is my only other option. So how loud are the Deltas on a PEP66?
They are pretty noisy. I have 5 sitting here next to me along with 10 case fans (3 machines) and it's noticable. With the Sunon fans I had on them you weren"t OVERLY aware of their presence but with 5 Deltas, there's no doubt that the machines are up and running. I really don't notice them much anymore- but it takes a few days to tune them out.
I bought one with an Alpha heatsink and it is now on its way back to the dealer for exchange. I hate the noise. I would rather have a few less MHz than have a buzz in the room.
How loud are they?

Let me put it this way, I was playing around with a few of them the other day, and grandma raised from the dead. No joke! We had to notify the Vatican and the whole shot, you wouldn't believe the paper work it takes for resurrection to be legal. . . . .

Seriously, well I'm never serious, but they sound exactly like a hair dryer on the low setting. Very distracting if you ask me.
I got Delta on a FOP38, and it is loud, at first. It is "White" noise so it is really not noticable after a few days. In a pin-drop-quiet environment, it may be annoying, but for the cooling power, it is definitly worth it. You should check it out for yourself, I went thru the same problem. I was really worried about the noise, but it is REALLY NOT THAT BAD. YOu can always hook up a 7V/12V toggle to run it in a "quiet" mode.
It is loud, but I find it pretty easy to tune it out. Plus if you're able to run the CPU faster and/or cooler it should make it easier to put up with :) Actually my computer is in my room and I left it on all night, best sleep I've had in over a week :)
I agree with Jeff. I have one on my hedgehog, and it really does sound like hair dryer on low speed. However, when the case is on it, it really dosen't bother me anyways. Just don't pay attention to it.