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AS Ceramique

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Nov 13, 2001
I am doing a preview of an Arctic Silver prototype sample of their "Ceramique". I will post it on my site soon (PM me if you want URL", and hopefully will have it on the front page. BTW its a prototype and is adhesive like, since when removing the heatsink, it took the CPU out of the socket, though just twisting the CPU made it come off. Its like putty.
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:( ???
The mods are going to kill me for this link, but I wrote a review on the next thermal compound that Arctic Silver is releasing, called Ceramique. It is a prototype, but it is fairly informative. All the information I could get from Nevin is there.:


*runs from the mods*

I am hoping that it gets on the front page, i already submitted it. Im using it right now, and that stuff is great, though VERY sticky.
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yep. I have already handcuffed myself and am right now sitting at the OC.com police station.
That link doesn't work for me. I think there is something missing where the dots are ...... :confused:
Please repost right link :beer:
Same here, but I can't even traceroute the host name (kuattech.ionichost.com).

Thanks for putting your butt on the line Mike :eek: :D
mr1337pants said:
Same here, but I can't even traceroute the host name (kuattech.ionichost.com).

Well, it still doesn't work for me, even with the new link. Maybe that server is down or something...

I wonder when "Arctic Pyrolytic graphite" and "Arctic Diamond" are due ?
:D /Paxmax
It's not a problem if you post links to your other site i.e. review etc. That's allowed however advertising it all the time isn't i.e. in your sig.

The thing looks good. 2-3 degrees better than AS3 and not capacitive nor conductive.
Nice, thanks a lot for sharing this with us Antmanmike :) I hope Ceramique beats the new Shin-Etsu stuff to market... :eek: