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Aspire Dreamer II

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Jul 6, 2004
Aspire Dreamer II HELP!!!!

I was just wondering on this case how do i connect the fans, the leds and the temp gauge
Since aspire didn't bother on giving me a manual

thank you
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Glorious Leader
Nov 12, 2002
Rootstown, OH
Welcome to the forums!

There is no manual AFAIK, what are you trying to connect?

Your motherboard manual lists which connections go to which LED's and power buttons, the fans just connect to the motherboard plugs or the PSU molex depending on what sort of plugs (you can tell just by looking), and I'm not sure on the temp gauge... does it come with a temp monitoring cable?


Apr 4, 2002
SKI Utah
Exactly, it is the molex plugs that come out of your psu. On the lights in the front, you have 2 smaller connectors (2 pin) that connect to the molex (the 4 pin) connectors, and you get the temp, and the fronts leds light right up. They are green/white for one side of the leds and I think blue/white wire colors for the otherside of leds, and the temp is just a molex connector extension that you plug in. Ask more questions if you still need help.