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FRONTPAGE ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1070 Gaming 8G Review

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Nov 1, 1998
Today on the review rig, we have the ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1070 to share with you. The 1070 Strix promises to have good and quiet cooling, your now typical RGB LEDs, and superior performance over any Founders Edition (FE) cards due to the factory overclock. There are a couple of neat features here, one of which is FanConnect, which you will later see why this sets the card apart from the others. Read on below to see if they have again accomplished what they set out to do!

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New Member
Jul 3, 2017

I built my system primarily using ASUS components; ROG motherboard, graphics card, and monitor, and have been mostly happy with it.

This ROG STRIX 1070 graphics card does have some downsides, though. To start with, I experienced a failure of the graphics card within the first month. ASUS was quick to authorize repairs. I was cautioned to pack the card very carefully, so I used the, very nice, original box cushioned by premium packing materials and enclosed in a very sturdy outer box. The card was returned fairly quickly, but banging around loose in an over-sized cardboard box. When I inquired about my original box, I just got a "Sorry." The card has worked well ever since, though.

The GPU Tweak II software is in desperate need of an update. It was released over 2 years ago, long before the release of the 10xx series graphics cards. The fan control didn't work well for me. I got much better control, and better results, just plugging my case fans into the motherboard. I am also disappointed that the profile control for the fan card will not let me reduce fan speed to less than 40%. I like to run my own profile, and luckily the Fractal Design case I have has good airflow and great sound dampening.

The Aura light controls are OK, but my case is not windowed, so it's useless to me. My next build will probably be windowed to take advantage of the new LED trend.

Speaking of my next build, I think I'll have to go back to EVGA. My old X58 FTW is still working flawlessly, and overall I think I was more satisfied with their products, but YMMV.


Aug 14, 2014
Has anyone ever checked if disabling the Aura effects completely (for people that don't have a window for example) give you extra "room" for OC, since technically the card is using less power ?