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Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 + Amd FX-9590 Freeze/Unstable

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Jun 4, 2016
Hello all,

I recently upgraded to HWD VER 2.0 of this Asus Mobo and put the FX-9590 CPU on it but the system will not run Pime 95 for longer than a few minutes. I tried to lower a few things in the bios to make it stable including turning up the core voltage and DRAM voltage but still no joy but it still freezes up when pushing it hard. I do have a Corsair water cooler but I dont think my issue is thermal. Maybe you experts on here can help a guy out. I have HW monitor, and CPUID installed so I have attached a few files from those for info. I dont have a good way to capture the bios settings so any help is greatly appreciated.


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1) You're trying to run 5 gig.
2) Not enough vcore for 5 gig or even stock for that matter.
3) Temps ARE an issue. 44c at idle is unacceptable.
1) You're trying to run 5 gig.
2) Not enough vcore for 5 gig or even stock for that matter.
3) Temps ARE an issue. 44c at idle is unacceptable.

Thanks Mr. Scott but I am not trying to run @ 5 gigs just stock. Can't get the system with defaults to run stock. Are you sayin 44C it already too hot to run stock? Even with a water cooler? What kind of cooler do these beasts need? Thanks.
Your CPUID says different.


44c at stock is too hot, yes. Under load those temps will easily climb into the 60's at at that rate. The 9xxx series will need a really good 240 rad water system just to cope with stock speed and temp. 360 minimum for any kind of overclocking.
44c is the idle temp. What Mr. Scott is saying is that you are starting too high and you run out of temp headroom under load. Idle temps should be 5-10c lower than that. Check your waterblock mount. Make sure it's making good contact. Check the TIM spread pattern.
Okay, can anyone recommend a 240 rad water system?

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TIM spread pattern? UGH! No clue what that is...
Okay, I figured out what a 360 RAD cooler is and have ordered one. I have turned down the CPU CLK speed to 4.5 GHz and tinkered with the bios a bit to see if i can get the thing to stop freezing until I can get the new cooler in. I will power down now and check the heatsink goo pattern. I also figured out how to get my BIOS copied so when I come back I will be able to attach that too. Thanks very much for all your help. By the way, Is there a service people can pay for and send their PC to be tweaked? Seems to me that would be a great service if it was cost effective.
By the way, Is there a service people can pay for and send their PC to be tweaked? Seems to me that would be a great service if it was cost effective.

Shipping and insurance cost is the killer there. ;)
Shipping and insurance cost is the killer there. ;)

Furthermore, wouldn't be nice to learn enough to solve the problems on your own? After all, that's what we try to do here. Help you learn to fix your computer and get it to run better!

If you bought a rad, I don't know how much you know that you are getting into. Is your loop expandable? Not all AIO units are. You may be looking at getting some more parts to get that 360 rad in system.

Edit: just saw its a corsair unit. You may need to read up on custom loops before really getting that 360 rad in system. Check our watercooling stickies in the cooling/watercooling (section/subsection) feel free to ask questions here, or in he watercooling subsection. You'll get roughly the same people responding :)
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Rockin at 4.5 GHZ...

Okay team, I guess I got some progress to report. The thermal grease wasn't too bad but I helped it again. I just put this together a month ago but had never tried to push it until recently. 3 RAD cooler issues? Not sure about that. I'll have to go look at the stickies as you suggest. Seems to me AMD created a thermal nightmare in this CPU! Anyhow, attached are new MWMonitor, memory report and screen captures of the BIOS including a PassMark test result. At this point, it ran Prime95 on manual with 24 Gigs of RAM used for an hour without freezing BUT, its running at 4.5 GHz now. Good point about the fixer upper service. I am learning! IF I can get this running at top stock speed I'd be happy. If it can go to 5 GHz without burning it out in a month, I'd like to see that too! All your help is greatly appreciated. :) By the way, the water cooler I have is a Corsair H60... By the way, how does one delete old files no longer needed in the attachments area?

- - - Updated - - -

BTW again, the new cooler I bought is a DEEPCOOL CAPTAIN360 Visible Cooling Liquid Water Cooling Liquid Cooler 360mm Radiator with Triple Quiet Fans


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Alright, looks like you have the right idea. It's not a custom loop, just an AIO 360 setup. I was worried you bought just a rad without any thing else you would need (block pump fittings tube etc). If you get the bug, feel free to read up on custom loops and go from there bit this should help get your system cooler.
Cool! (No pun intended) I've been running Seti@Home for over an hour full tilt and the CPU is hovering around 70C. I guess I have no business trying to get back to the full stock speed or beyond until the new cooler is installed then. While I am waiting on that, do I have good enough memory to get me to 5 GHz or do I have another purchase in my near future?? Ya know I took a peek into those refrigerated coolers... Way cool!
You were doomed from the start with that H60. No where near enough cooler even for stock.

Memory is irrelevant for 5 gig. It's all about temps and the silicon lottery.
I do see some changes I would make in your bios settings though. These should be done even at stock speed.
OKay there Mr. Scott. Bring on the list of changes. I h=guess I spoke too soon anyhow. The damn thing locked up again... UGH...
P-State FID 0x18 - VID 0x0B - IDD 14 (20.00x - 1.412 V)

Would be a good place to start with manually input settings. Would not expect much more than this with current cooling.

Your memory is fine. You would also want to manually set this up as well.

Tested Speed 1600MHz
Tested Latency 10-10-10-30 2T @ 1.5v
"Seems to me AMD created a thermal nightmare"
naaaaa. amd, hotter, faster, better!!!!!
Hotter, faster sure but better? Cheaper for sure! If I had the bucks, this would all be happening on a different thread/forum...
I just bought a server at work for simulations. Dual Xenon hex cores with 256 GB of RAM... Drool...
better!!!! here in amd land we even have a song!!!!!

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