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Athlon XP, slowest parts?

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Hi guys,

What are considered the slowest parts of the palamino core, those that most hold back an overclock?

My guess, based on previous CPUs is, L2 cache, L1 cache and FPU, does that sound right? I presume the integer unit would overclock up the wazoo if they ever made an SX version LOL

So my next question is, what burn in programs are there that will particularly knock the snot out of those 3 parts, and preferably, barely touch the rest of the CPU? Or if other parts are considered slower, what will knock the snot out of those for a burn in?

The reason i ask, is because I want to get some P-channel hot electron degradation going in the slowest parts of the CPU, so I want to work those parts hardest, while keeping the overall temperature down, so trying not to work the integer unit etc at all.

I'm going for the max voltage/lowest temp/lowest speed burn in regimen suggested here.

I am going to try for -50C cryo temps with a calcium chloride and ice refrigerant bath. I won't be able to maintain those temps for very long, so I want to make the most efficient use out of the time available at those temps.


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