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[b]Geforce 2 mx 64mb resolution problems[/b]

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i just got a new geforce 2 mx video card today i spent 4 hours just getting the thing to play games and still can't get it to go above 800 x 600 res i am triing to put it on 1024 X 768 res. which i had it on before i got this card before i had an old video card with 4 mb memory and i worked fine but no gaming

my monitor is a compaq v50
I think that the monitor is not listed in the .cat file of the driver and the driver just will not allow it to go to higher ressolutions

does any body have any ideas

i have checked the companys web site "visiontek" but no answers

my mother board is an abit ka7

help please before i just give up and try to take it back

I would make sure you have the latest detonator drivers from Nvida and consider downloading 'PowerStrip' from www.tweakfiles.com as this utility will detect most monitors and there maximum refresh rate from my experience as well as allowing you to tweak the cards settings

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