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Back in the game New Build! Need help with finishing touches...

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Apr 26, 2020
Hey all first post but swear I used to be here way back in the day (Was huge into overclocking back in the late 90's, early 2000's), but could be wrong was pretty active in a few forums. Long story short I'm attempting to get back into things after not building a system myself in 15-16yrs. Currently on an i7 4770k/Gigabyte Z97x/Duel gtx970's/16gb ddr3. This new PC is going to be a gift to myself after yet another injury to force myself from playing sports. Getting close to retirement anyways and would like to start doing a lot more gaming, streaming, and video creation. Yes I know this system is going to be overkill but as I said it's been a long time and I'd like to splurge, and also have it last a few years without having to upgrade. Here is the base specs of where i'm at...

AMD 3900x
NZXT Kraken X73
Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero x570
Asus Gforce RTX 2080 Ti Rog Strix OC
G.Skill Trident Z Royal 64gb (4x16gb) DDR4-3600

I might have to cut a bit of the cost down and am going about it by a memory slash. From the spec listed 64gb ddr3600 what would be the best way for me to cut a little money while keeping the best performance? Here is a couple options I've looked at...

- Stay 64gb and drop to ddr3200
- Drop 32gb 2x16 to upgrade to 64 at a later date
- Drop 32gb 4x8
- Drop to 32gb and cut my saving a little to get better timings

Appreciate the time any of you have taken to read this, and very appreciative for any input.
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Jun 21, 2002
What is your total budget?

I say 2x16, 16gb is more than enough for most gaming applications. When you say video creation though, is this more along the lines of gaming videos, or are you dealing with 4k / 8k footage? What applications do you want to use? If you're more heavy on the video editing 64GB can be beneficial. Timings won't matter much except in synthetic benchmarks. The same could be said for 3200, but technically 3600MHz is considered the best for the system. I'd be surprised if there was a large price difference between the two, but I haven't looked recently.

What are you going to use for storage? While your system will support PCIe 4.0, in terms of games it won't make a lot of difference even compared to SATA. Now large videos will show a difference, so again this depends on how heavily you're getting into the video thing.

You can also get a less expensive cooler that will perform as well, or better. The arctic Liquid Freezer II has been well reviewed recently, and is pretty reasonably priced. https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3571-arctic-liquid-freezer-ii-cooler-review-benchmark

You also don't need such an expensive motherboard. Depending on your desired feature set, $300 is plenty to spend unless you want to use LN2. You can use this spreadsheet to determine if the board has adequate VRM, a green check in the column for your CPU is adequate. In fact, plenty of boards with a green check in the 3950x (200A) category are $300 or less: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...qVxdCR9daIVNyMatydkpFA/htmlview#gid=639584818. In terms of sorting by / comparing features, you can use this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wmsTYK9Z3-jUX5LGRoFnsZYZiW1pfiDZnKCjaXyzd1o/htmlview#.

What case are you going to use and how do you plan to arrange the airflow, that's a lot of heat produced.

What power supply are you going to use? Again you've got two high wattage parts, and I would advise a high quality unit such as the Seasonic Focus + or Prime series or EVGA SuperNova G2, G3 or G5 series. I know PSUs are pricey right now but so is your build so why chance it on power delivery.

What monitor are you going to use? You'll either want to play at high refresh rates or high resolution with that GPU.


Aug 28, 2010
Sarnia, ON
To me it sounds like a budget really isn't a thing for you OP so buy what you buy. In regards to the ram I thought many had problems running it beyond 3200 or even at that so that maybe be an area where you could change things. I know though that Ryzen cpus like faster ram. Make sure if you buy that ram you are looking at now you have a motherboard that will definitely run it at that. As for a display I hope you are going 4K if you are going to get an RTX 2080 Ti otherwise to me you are wasting some money there for sure. Anyway best of luck with your purchases.


May 7, 2005
If you can hold off for a couple of months on the GPU that would be ideal in that AMD and Nvidia are going to be releasing their new high end cards. Keep in mind that the COVID-19 issues are really jacking up component pricing right now. Microcenter is about the only store that hasn't seemed to have been effected. So if your fortunate and can buy from them your already ahead of the game.
As for saving some loot on memory I would go with option B. If you find that 32gb isn't enough you always have the option to get another set. I would also suggest sticking with the 3600 but check out other options at that speed. Of course if the royals are what you prefer nab em! My theory is if you get exactly what you want with no compromises you'll avoid the dreaded buyers remorse. Rather you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling Everytime you look at your new gear ;)
GL and enjoy the new rig!