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beat my Geforce 256 32 mg ddr (i dare u W/O water)

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Dec 30, 2000
185 mhz core/ 369 mhz mem ,hell ya :) STABLE!!

it has a socket 7 heatsink with dual fan on the back, thermoengine v60-4210 cpu cooler on gpu, heatsinks on ram, original heat sink on back laying there and 2 120mm fans sucking out the massive heat it expells, why u ask? im wating for my new mobo and processor to come in and i was board so i just thought i might throw my heatsink and ram coolers on it, just to see how far it will go!!! i will have pictures soon and screen shot,but for now have trust : P
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I have an old Innovision GF 256 SDR 32mb in my old system and as I recall its default core/mem was 120/150 but it had 6ns RAM which is rated for 166 Mhz so hitting 166 Mhz was easy. If your mem is rated at 6ns you should get 166 x 2 DDR = 333 Mhz no problem. Your memory must be 6.5ns or slower.

Good overclock on the core but it won't really get you anything (other than satisfaction) since the bottleneck in the Geforce cards is memory bandwidth.
I can do 333 on my DDR without any ram sinks easy. Of course the ram doesnt realy even get warm. I can get 150 core stable but I know I can do better. How did you attach the HSF to the backside. What did you use to get it higher than the SMDs.

Right now I have a gorb on the GPU and two blower fans blowing above and below the card. Ill try to beat you this week lol :)
i used cheap old heatsink compound and super glue,maybe i can o/c my mem more havent tryed
lets see some 32 bit benchies, and even with that fancy overclocking my Radeon shall win(assuming you are on a celey too whcih i doubt you are). But I will bow to you ahead of time in the 16bit benchies! Nice overclock.
My card runs smoothly as hell at 168/368 with just the heatsink/fan it was shipped with by Asus. You can use riva tuner to overclock above 150.
I can overclock it higher, it is stable but visual quality is sacrificed.
And some benchmarks. 3dmark2001 score 3103


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