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Before Making a Thread About Buying a PSU....

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My OCZ 520W just died on the dual xeon machine. No apparent reason I think that There was a bad componet in the manufacturing cause I am seeing ALOT of people having the same problem at the same time, on there forum. If I had to do again I would have gotten the 600W cause I don't see hardly any of those going bad.. But who knows.
yanz said:
with your knowledge, computerpro3, i would apreciate if someday you make an article about how to make a (really) good psu. how all the caps, coil, tranformer, regulator work, and how good the scheme, design.. and how to differentiate a bad psu from a god psu by look inside it's open case (and not fooled by large heatsink, or aPFC circuit that fill the left room)... what the fresh look would tell us the caracther of the psu..

because, i've to admit that what i have now is maybe a pseudo knowledge. i know a psu good only by try using it on 3-4 system amd-intel (one is a super heavy oc-ed barton 2.4ghz) and get the similiar good voltage rail, read the article and get excited by how the writer conclude that our psu's is the good one with stable voltage, minimum ripple, aPFC, and candy eyes looking. and finally try the rail with multimeter and get that the value is the same/close (finally i borrowed a mm and try it my self.. :D)

i mean, we all talk about processor with it's fsb, cache, how nanometer it is, what's socket, pipeline, ss3 or x64bit, how good at oc it is.. can we talk about the psu the same way we use all 'bla-bla-bla' name with cpu..?

really i want to start it. i start it by read those good stickies thread, but even larva didn't give all what he knows about technically about (how to make) a good psu. come on larva, don't hide it, fortron is good but how technically a fsp psu is made? scheme, diagram, pictures, would help a lot and that's what i want to include in an article...

i would ask more but my bad english hold me :D what i want to point out is, we all know how and what is the good psu, how to get it, all about using it or buying x model. let gets more technical.. how a manufacture make a good or not to good but el cheapo psu?

do i repeat the same question? sorry.. :D
and thanks.. :)


glad that i can comeback after 2.5 years to answer my own question:

i would reccomend these great articles:

Anatomy of Switching Power Supplies

Enermax Galaxy 1000 W Power Supply

and this great forum:

Power Supply Design and Troubleshooting

i myself have repaired many psus now..