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BGMicro DT12-4 Peltier

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Jul 3, 2002
Dixon, California
Is this an 80w? and does anyone know the Dmax and other stats about this peltier? or an equation to get Dmax and other information. Im somewhat new to peltiers, and dont really want a SUPER power, just something to bring it down a bit more than my usual watercooler. If this isn't 80watts max, is there a peltier at bgmicro thats rated for 80max or more?
Im guessing from your sig you are useing that on a 1600+ @ 2100+ speeds, all in all you dont wanna use a 80w its FAR to weak to do the job, it would only add heat, 120w minimum in my opinion....
Well, if an 80w would just add heat, what size peltier should I get (when I say size I mean wattage) just to get temps to 20-25 or maybe a little lower, nothing subzero with my watercooling rig. Condensation is a pain in the but, and I really dont want to deal with it, but I want to be able to take this cpu really high once I unlock it. thanks for the info.
I used two 71 watt pelts in a water chiller with a 1600/1700/1800 xp and found that one was not enough to keep things cool, two worked but under extreme conditions the water temp would rise and the cpu would go up to 48 (on die reading)...this is from a normal 32 degree temp. So, two 71s were enough, one was not. I now use one 71 and one 156 this keeps my temps under load ...way down low (where I like them).
You can check out my chiller here .
btw...to handle condensation I'm using a couple of pelt controllers...the info is on my page, I also played with a digidoc to control the pelts but it was less succesful (the temp swing was pretty wide)