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Building new comp

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Jan 17, 2002
Hey dudes im not totally new to this board but ive only been on it once and that was half a year ago but im back and i need help i wanna build a comp but i dont know where to start i was thinking bout like a 40 to 120gb hd and like a geforce3 or 4 prefeably a geforce4 TI 4600 vid card um and like i wanna max out the ram what ever that amount maybe using RDram. So the question is where do i start and what do i do. How do i know whats compatible and not which is better for my comp how everything ties together and like power supply just about everything i need help with and yes i did read the begginers guides so dont yell at me and tell me to do that also i dunno which would be better RD,DDR,SD which is best and which is usuable i will mostly be using this computer for games internet access and like paint shop pro designing stuff ya know so please i need much help
well lets start with the obvious question are you looking at an intel rig or an amd rig? If you go with amd then the best choice is ddr, if you go with intel rdram is a possibilty but is getting phased out by the new intel ddr boards.
oh and don't fret about getting a rig together, there are plenty of people here that will glady help you decide on components to give you an awesome system. Building a new comp is one of the best things to do. :)

i was thinking about goind AMD i got intel right now id like opinions on which is better also thanks dude
Bang for the Buck has to go to AMD. There are certain components that seem to be very popular. AMD processors, Antec cases and power supply’s, Plextor CDRW's, Crucial memory modules, Pioneer slot load DVD CD-ROM's, I personally like the Maxtor Quiet Drive hard drives (like the Quantum liquid bearing series) a L in the part number indicates liquid bearings. I use Matrox video cards because most of the box's I assemble are used by graphic artist and designers in an office environment where gaming is not a consideration and dual display is. The Geforce2 or 3 video cards are really great bargains as of late. If you want to max out the ram then Windows 2000 or XP should be your choice for the OS considering Windows 98 depending on who you talk to, really only recognizes 256MB but according to some can utilizes more. Teac seems to get the nod as the best 1.44 3.5" floppy drive. If you want a dial up modem as back up or to use as your primary internet connection then get a non-winmodem I believe Zoom makes a very inexpensive high performing V.92 non-winmodem. As far as sound cards the Sound Blaster Audigy gives you, 100db S/N ratio, with Surround Sound and the new “Live Drive” that comes with the Platinum is a nice addition as far as connecting with other components to your computer. If you want an inexpensive system that is stable, high performing but with minimal overclocking options ECS has the K7S5A or the K7S6A that has some overclocking potential. Another inexpensive motherboard that people seem to love are Shuttles, great overclockers for a bargain price. Other considerations for motherboard might be the Soyo Dragon Plus for versatility or Soltek Purple Ray for overclocking and stability. One thing for sure you can build a rocket ship box for not much money or one with a multitude of options for a bunch more. It is kind of like going to your local Speed shop where the motto is “Speed cost money. How fast do you want to go ?”
If you go AMD consider the following:
VIA KT266A or KT333 based board
400W+ PSU - branded is important
plenty fans
good CPU cooler
PC2100 or PC2700 DDR RAM (DDR266 and 333 respectively).