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Cak38 being cak......

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Aug 2, 2001
Hello people. Just got a cak38 a little while ago, and I was amazed when I saw an (idle) cpu temp of 55c! I also have ok case cooling so that shouldnt be the problem. Should I sand the base of the cooler? Should I try cleaning it before I put it on? Im using a cak38 (duh...) with as2, tbird [email protected] and a kt7a raid
Welcome to the forums...I think the CAK has lost some of it's standing compared to newer copper coolers...but 55c idle sounds...WAY...to high for a CAK...as a comparasion, I'm running a Duron 750 @ 1000 @ 1.85v and My idle/load temps average 38c/44c. Of course...thats no 1.2 @ 1.4...you may simply be at the limit of the CAK but there should be room for improvement.

How is your case airflow situation currently? Copper coolers act like a small stove in your case cause they retain heat longer than alumnium. Case cooling and ventalation are crucial with copper coolers.
Thanks for the welcome :)
Anyway, my case cooling is.... eh...... lets just say my case has to be bolted to the ground so it wont lift off when I turn the fans on.... heh.. The aorflow is great with all usual airflow mods and stuff so I doubt thats the problem.