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Can anyone tell me anything about this 80mm case fan?

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Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000

I originally purchased this fan from a (I later discovered) disreputable store which ripped me off. Consequently, I always assumed it was just a worthless piece of junk (like everything else I purchased there). However, after spending some time studying and comparing this fan to some other 80mms I have, I have decided that it is actually of decent quality. It is fairly quiet, but seems to move more CFM than my Sunon quiet fan (rated for 30 cfm). Unfortunately, I could be totally mistaken, since the only instrument I had to test it with was the very unscientific "hand held in front of the fan" trick.

I tried to find some info about the company online, but couldn't come up with anything. So, I'm just asking if anyone knows anything about this company or about the rating of this fan in particular. And, if so, could you please point me in their direction?

Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions of how I might test the CFM of this fan using standard equipment found around the house.

Thanks for any replies.
Maybe this will be some help. I've seen this T&T brand before, in a photo somewhere. If the printing quality on the hub sticker is any indication, it's better than the two "Colorful Bla, blah" cheapo 80mms I have. My Colorful ?Industries? 80mm's were sold as cheapo's, so I didn't get ripped for them, thankfully.

One of my "BrandX", aka Colorfuls draws .12A, the other .14A. I think it's a safe postulation that they may only move as little as ~22 cfm. Or possibly ~31 cfm, max. Your T&T looks to be a little better quality. If you have a lightweight cooling sitch that needs addressing, the cheapo's will do just fine. One of mine is a "helper" stuck on the interior grille of my PS. The other is hanging inside my box close to the bottom of, and pointed at a 7200 IDE HDD.

I have two 80mm 42.5 cfm Sunon's that draw 2.6 Watts. I'm guessstimating the cheapo's cfm by comparing by their Wattage to that of these Sunon's. Math is not one of my strong suits!