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Can I boot off a USB HD?

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Oct 29, 2001
St. Paul, MN
Ok I need to know because I just got a barebones system. I put a video card in it but all I have for a hard drive is an external USB 2.0 hard drive. The Board is a k7s5a with a 1 gig duron in it. How do I get this baby up and running. I want to put win2000pro on the HD. The drive has been formated to FAT32 when I first got it but only has MP3's on it and no operating system. Can I get this thing to boot off a USB HD and if so how do I get that operating system on the HD. Thanks
i dont think so but if you had a bios that supported it i would say yes so have it plugged in to your computer boot up to your bios and check and see if it shows up on the boot order
I am waiting on USB boot. Then I will buy a USB keychain drive and throw my floppy out the window then go outside and set it on fire:D
Depending on controllers on the board and for the HDD, some are DOS bootable. I have 2 now that are bootable, but it does need to be bootable in the BIOS. However, I doubt that a conventional OS would run well on it. Have you considered pulling the drive out of the case and running it internally for now? Even the pocket drive cases(like mine which use 2.5" drives) use either standard or 2.5" laptop IDE connections.