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Gigabyte MB , CPU fan won't turn off

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Jun 10, 2012
hi members , I currently have my Psychiatrists PC as it won't turn on any more. I would like to fix it for him as we have a really good relationship , I've been with him for 15 years

Anyway I bought a new PSU and it fired up no problemo. Interestingly the old PSU had something rattling in it and what I found is a Capacitors outer shell and a solder burn smell.

I had the USB constantly on problem but I enabled ERP and that fixed it. I have one problem left which I didn't expect. The CPU fan , DVD drive and I think the Hard Drive don't stop spinning on Win XP shut down. I've googled and many others have the same problem but I can't find a fix.

I can say if I enter the Bios and make no changes and save it. The PC will turn off as expected

But if I turn the PSU switch off and then boot. The problem returns.

I did check the Bios battery and it reads 3.2V and the MB is a Gigabyte

stumped ! any help is appreciated
hi EarthDog it's always great to hear from you.

Flashing the Bios Is risky (to me anyway). I've done it before with my own PCs but I think I'll get him to turn the PC off at the Power Board after shutting down Win XP.

He has a lot of patient data and various software on the HDD. It would be a nightmare if something went wrong.

Interestingly the CPU heatsink was full of dust , it was idling at 90c. I managed to clean it and it's hovering around 43c.

It's good that this episode went almost perfectly and I can give it back to him in working order. I won't be asking him for any money for the new PSU I'm too generous to do that.

thanks again EarthDog , another fine performance and a chapter closed.