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Cannot Be Displayed

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Jan 27, 2002
Ok heres the problem i have my computer and my dad set up on a littole network through a hub. Well i want to use my as a LAN rig so his is my server. I got Internet Connection sharing working right but every time my dads computers connects i get the Cannot Be Displayed web page but it will let mine get online.Well thats were im typing from now.Both have Win 98SE on them and his modem is a Soft56k modem tryed reinstalling ti no luck.I tryed 3 different connections too.....anyone know what it could be.
So, your saying that your dad's computer is an ICS server, and when his computer connects to the internet via modem, yours has no internet access, but yours is connected to the internet?

make sure your computer is set to get a DHCP IP address.
also check in your Internet Explorer settings, more specifically in the "Connections" tab. You want it set to "never dial a connection"
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NewBlood originaly said:
No I have access and I can get online but his compute will connect to the internet but when you try to go to a web page it comes up page cannot be displayed and I've tried countless things the IPs are right and i can get online but my dads wont open a webpage but it will connect.
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the first step is to get your dad's computer working on the internet. once you got that working, then you work on the ICS.
Well i know what yall mean but im guessing that you dont undertsand me. My computer has a modem and a network card.My dads has a modeom and a network card i have them both showing up on the network through a hub.Well i got the internet connection wizard installed on my dads and using it to connect with(there for i havent got the phone line connected to mine computer). Now i installed the floppy that ics makes you make on to the computers you want it to share the internet.Now When i open internet explorer it makes my dads computer dail up to the internet connects fine and everything but when you go to open internet explorer on his computer it says page cannot be displayed and i know its no ie because ive tryed to connect through netscape and yahoo messger nothing,,,now do ya understand.
when your dad's computer initiates the dial-up, does his computer surf the web fine? -- and can u surf the web when he manually dials out?