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cannot get 900 past 1050, is this normal??

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Dec 19, 2000
I cannot seem to get my TBird 900 to go past 1050mhz. Is this normal? It will post 1100, 11 x 100mhz, start to boot then beep sometimes. I reset it back to 1050mhz, 10 x 105mhz, with no problems... Max heat with my Global Win FOP38 is only 39c under full load, SETI. I have tried different coolers, no difference in overclocking ability. Voltage is at 1.85v, which the Abit KT7 reports to be 1.97v. Any help or opinions appreciated...
Assuming you have a green core Austin fab chip you've pretty much reached the limits of aluminum interconnect chips. You could try the voltage mod but I don't think you're going to get much faster without a blue meanie <copper interconnects>.
I just oc'd an athalon 800 to 1100 running 1.85v on a asus a7v. Try your FSB at 100mhz. I could not even get to 1gig if I pushed the FSB at all. If you use pc 133 set the memory to run at 133 just make sure you leave the cpu at 100.
Probably hit the limit...

Look at the bright side, that's a 150 MHz overclock, and puts you well over 1 gig. My 900 will only do 1050 (loads windows at 1100 but is unstable), and well my other one will only do 1000 (you can see the low-down in my sig ;-).

As you go up higher, overclocking success is bound to drop as you approach closer to the max specs of the processor (if AMD could pump out 1.3 and 1.4 GHz processors they would, believe me).

Probably the best "overclock" you are going to get is with a slower Tbird with more headroom. Then again, clock a 700 to 1000 MHz and it is still 50 MHz slower than your 900.