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Case fans

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Feb 2, 2001
Quick question... what brand(s) of cooling fans do you guys use in your towers?
sunon has a nice selection of fairly high output, quiet and standard case fans. I have 1 of those 131cfm ys tech's as a blowhole and it bully's the air. also i hear panflow were good but ive personally never used them.
im using Sunon 12cm*38mm thick 98CFM case fan ~35dbA, operated in 7V. cool and quiet.
YS-Tech and Sunons.

I stole two 92mm NMBs and a Nidec 120mm from a dead Compaq server where I used to work. All are very lame CFM-wise, my 60mm YS-Tech at 26CFM seem to pump more air through.
I not using any case fans just a direct exhaust port for my 80mm swiftech hsf cpu 37C case21C the best thing about this setup is that it fairly quiet ;D
I have ordered from MPJA several times. Anything from LED's to fans to 12V power supplies. My only complaint about them, why do they only ship via UPS ground? UPS Ground from Florida to Oklahoma takes forever, atleast 7-9 days.
I've got a 105cfm 120mm ys-tech sucking air in at the bottom front, another sucking air over the pci cards, one drawing air out over my radiator, the psu fan exhausting air out and a low cfm (~23cfm?) 60mm fan sucking air from the area below the psu. All the 120mm's are running 7v, cos it's too damn noisy otherwise (esp. when watching DVD's :-D ). I did have a 131cfm ys-tech, but it was so loud I had to swap it out with one of the 105cfm ones. Probably about 150cfm going through the case, keeps it pretty cool :)
Orion 120mm and 92mm in one case. Well-made, quiet, and move a lot of air. Also use Pabst Multifans@120mm, YsTech, and Deltas.
I currently have two 42CFM system exhaust coolers (they occupy an expansion slot each) blowing air out as well as the PSU fan.

Do you think a good intake fan at the front would make a lot of difference? What size?