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CD Duplicator

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Jul 9, 2001
Louisville, KY
First I will begin by saying this absolutely will not be used for illegal purposes. The company I work for is coming out with a CD-Rom catalog to send to current customers, prospective clients, and outside sales people. There will also be a web version of this catalog available. For the mods this is the website of the company I work for www.cctvwholesalers.com and the catalog will be online at the following site www.remotevideomonitoring.com My work e-mail and phone number will also be provided upon request as I know this could be a touchy subject.

We need a CD-duplicator similar to this one http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-Details.asp?sku=M197-1000 or possibly with even more bays. I just used the linked model as an example. I've seen models with both SCSI and IDE drives and I'm not sure which type would be better or if it would even make a difference. I've looked into building one but I don't think it would be worth the stress of getting it to run properly. If anybody has any knowledge about this type of thing I would greatly appreciate it.

Also if anyone knows a place to get CD's made with our graphics on them that would be helpful. It's going to have to be a place with fast turn-around.
SCSI drives are a lot more expensive but better - faster and less chance of Buffer underruns.

CD Duplicators are usually quite expensive. You could get a raid mobo, 128MB RAM, Duron 1Gig and 3CDRWs.

Stick a 20GB HD and each of the CDRws on its own IDE channel. You can image a CD and instruct nero to use multiple CD burners. Should turn out cheaper.

About CD graphics - you mean pictures on the CD itself? You can get printers to do that.
We have one similar to that one. Ours currently mounts 5 drives as well and has a LCD readout and menu and does not require monitor, keyboard or mouse, saves on space and other expenses. The unit came with SCSI drives. Due to power constraints they may not be available with more drives in a single chassis, but it'd be easy to have a couple of copiers side by side.
David...its going to be for business use so I want to avoid any software if possible. This will make it easier for everybody to learn how to use the system.

And regarding graphics we would like to get the CD's pre printed so we dont have to use the printable stickers.

Xaotic....I've seen them with up to 8 drives so I guess it depends on how much my boss wants to spend.
well scratch this thread the boss wants to get the kind with a 100 disc hopper to auto-feed the CD's