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Celeron 900

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Mail Man

New Member
Feb 23, 2002
My celeron 900 runs stable at 1200 at 1.85v but when i'm trying 1260 (9*140)I must raise the voltage up to 2.10v,I dont know how hot the cpu is because I dont know how too see the temp with my Abit BE6 anyone know how to do?
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You need to download a temp monitoring program, like MBM5 to check your temps...but you should also have your temps monitored in your BIOS...you could use that to give you a close estimation...
Also the BE6 has an external probe to go in the CON jumpers, and you manually put it so it slightly touches the core, and it'll give you a 100% accuracy of the temperatures.
as long as your not getting system lockup during CPU intensive activities such as in Sandra burn-in or any errors in prime95 then your stable at that speed. While temp. is important as long as your CPU is 100% stable its really not a huge issue. Your CPU will let you know when its too hot generally by locking up or giving you errors in Windows.
I had a celeron 900, it also does the same 1200mhz at default voltage. Luckily for me, my chip is pretty stable even at 138fsb = 1242 mhz.....still at its default voltage.

For me, I hit my "default voltage" limit at 143fsb =1287mhz
I need to bump my voltage all the way to 1.90v to be stable

It would even post at 1333mhz, and sometime load window,
but it would then crash soon-after.

Too bad, I killed this wonderful chip in my "failed" Voltage Modd
ok I just wondered how to use the external temp meter,I had the celeron 900 up to 1350 at 2.3v but it hangs under the bootup
My celeron 900 does 1200 at stock voltage. My temps hover at about 27°C-34°, under load. But I'm only using MBM5, and I know I can't rely on software readings to monitor temps to be completely accurate. Before you start bumping your Vcore up to that level to get your CPU up past 1200, I'd seriously look into finding a way of monitoring your temps.